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The Coromandel scientifically proven to be ‘good for your soul’ in world first

To encourage Kiwis to include The Coromandel in their itinerary this summer, Destination Hauraki Coromandel has launched a world-first campaign, backed by science. With its endless golden beaches, rugged hills and green valleys, The Coromandel has always claimed to be good for your soul – but now that claim has been scientifically proven.

The Coromandel Cure research trial, conducted by leading consumer researcher, Dr Karen V. Fernandez PhD, monitored several physical and psychological health measures of participants including heart rate, happiness, sleep and stress levels while in The Coromandel for a 48-hour period.

The results confirmed that even a short getaway to the region resulted in a significant reduction in stress and anxiety levels (33% decrease), while participants also reported feeling twice as relaxed (101% increase) and more rested (41% increase) after their trip.

Dr Fernandez says the data showed an improvement in stress and anxiety levels across physical and psychological metrics and increased feelings of happiness and wellness.

“Results found that participants’ self-reported stress levels dropped by a staggering 56%, supported by their physical stress indicators dropping 27% after the trip. The data also showed an overwhelming improvement in feelings of happiness (up 67%) and a 65% increase in wellness, indicating that even a brief two-night stay in The Coromandel offers a welcome antidote to the ills of the busy life of a city-dweller.”

The Coromandel Cure campaign outlines a list of side effects in addition to the health claims which include greater optimism, decreased stress levels, and a renewed appreciation for stars in the night sky, sand between toes and long walks.

According to Becca Goldsworthy who took part in the study, these side effects were accurate.

“This was the best medical test I’ve ever had. Instead of a study where you’re popping pills or sat in a room for observation, I got to experience The Coromandel and enjoy a much-needed break. I didn’t actually realise how much I needed it until I saw my results – I’d had a 28% reduction in stress which just goes to show how good for you The Coromandel really is.”

The Coromandel has had a tough year with visitor numbers down significantly due to adverse weather and the closure of SH25A due to a massive slip. However, the region is still a fabulous destination that’s renowned for being a summer holiday hotspot, and Thames-Coromandel District Mayor Len Salt says there’s good reason for that.

“With 400km of beautiful coastline, The Coromandel is the perfect prescription for a bit of self-care, relaxation and stress relief. We’ve always said the region is good for your soul, and now that’s backed by science. In fact, for a lot of Kiwis, a trip to The Coromandel will be just what the doctor ordered.”

The Mayor says even though SH25A will open shortly, The Coromandel is still easily accessible via the coastal route SH25, the Pacific Coast Highway, which offers a scenic view of the region.

“There is still a perception that we’re not accessible, but we are open and looking forward to hosting holidaymakers. We’re really hoping – and needing – a busy summer and are taking bookings well into 2024. We rely on tourism so it’s vital that Kiwis support our district.”

Destination Hauraki Coromandel marketing manager Megan Nunn says it’s believed to be the first time a destination has used psychological and physical data in this way.

“We always like to do things a bit differently here and while we as locals have experienced the Coromandel Cure, it’s great to have data to back it up. We’re used to seeing pharmaceutical companies use research to prove the efficacy of their medicines, so we’re pleased to use those methods to prove a holiday in The Coromandel has positive effects on your body and mind.

“There’s nothing quite like The Coromandel to clear out the cobwebs and soothe the soul – we are looking forward to having a successful summer and welcoming everyone back to where Kiwis holiday,” says Nunn.

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